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Five Tips To Choose The Best Paint For Your New Iron Fence

Setting up a new iron fence is exciting, but it has to look beautiful as well. You are not just going to want to put up a fence that is plain. It will become boring and is going to be rather embarrassing. To ensure this does not happen, you will want to paint it. Let’s […]

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Single-Application Copper Antifouling is Ecoperfect

For sailors in the 90’s, it has become apparent that water contamination and the dying off of marine life are not an acceptable price to pay for immaculate hulls below the waterline. Controversy over human impact on marine environments has kicked off a flurry of development for new antifouling solutions.

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The Future of Boat Bottoms

New barrier coating combines epoxy and copper for advanced hull protection By Leslee Jaquette Boat hulls are the most important, yet most overlooked, part of a boat. When they are clean and smooth, they add to the boat’s performance and the owner’s enjoyment; but when the hull of a vessel is covered with barnacles, it […]

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