About us

Based in Seattle, with offices overlooking the bustling activity of Lake Union, American Marine Coatings is a privately held company that has developed an EPA-approved bottom paint that is a top-of-the-line barrier coating as well as an antifoulant.

CopperPoxy is designed for use by owners of pleasure boats and small commercial vessels. It is also ideal for industrial uses such as utility intake and outfall screens.

Impressive results from ten years of in-the-water testimonials and four years of independent testing of CopperPoxy have stimulated increased demand. Since CopperPoxy is a non-sloughing coating, it meets the increasingly stringent regulations limiting the use of sloughing type bottom paints.

Note: American Marine Coatings has been selling CopperPoxy direct to boat owners, boat yards and builders. At present, the company is looking for qualified reps on the East Coast, Gulf Coast and the Midwest as CopperPoxy in-the-mold application gains wide acceptance a closer representation is needed.


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